How to write a cover letter?

The letter of motivation is your first business card when contacting your employer, so it is definitely a good idea to give your attention when writing it. In your cover letter, you should briefly and clearly summarize the reasons why you are applying for a job, the basic prerequisites for a job, or your expectations. Try to structure your letter clearly, choose clear statements and avoid spelling mistakes!

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How does a cover letter look like?

As mentioned above, structure your cover letter as clearly and easily as possible. Choose clear wording to touch on everything important in the shortest possible text. Also observe the prescribed range of the letter! Do not forget to mention the address of both your own and the employer, address, date, handwritten signature. Needless to say, a cover letter must be written on a computer.

What should I not leave out in the motivation letter?

The main purpose of the letter of motivation is to provide basic information about the reasons that have prompted you to decide for this position, and to make sure you mention the place where you came across the offer. In your own interest, please list your positive working qualities (but don’t make up your mind, the personalist would certainly playfully reveal it during the interview!), Just try to persuade the human resources officer that you are the right person for the desired place!

How to write a cover letter in English?

Knowing at least one foreign language is now more or less taken for granted, so you may be asked to send your cover letter in English. In the event that English is not your strength, we will offer you some useful phrases – such as what kind of address to use, how to say goodbye, etc.


  • Dear Sir
  • Dear Madam,
  • Dear Sir or Madam (if you’re not sure who will read your letter).


  • I am writing in response to your advertisement …
  • I am writing in the matter …


  • Yours faithfully,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Best regards.

It is important to stick to a highly formal language throughout the letter, ie. no tight shapes, omit phrasal verbs and of course all colloquialisms (colloquial expressions). Don’t forget to sign here!

How to write a cover letter for Erasmus?

Of course, all the above-mentioned general rules apply to writing cover letters for projects such as Erasmus. In this case, instead of justifying your interest in the job, you need to explain why and from what university you are applying for the exchange program, in which year and what field you study, or. to mention previous experience with studying abroad. In any case, mention your language skills, which of course play a key role in studying abroad.

How can I order a cover letter?

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