How to write a review?

The review is a journalistic unit that informs and especially evaluates. So the task of the right reviewer is to choose a cultural event, book, film or music album and briefly present the subject of his choice to his article, highlight the pros and cons and add a reasoned opinion.

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How to write a book review?

If you are writing a review of a book by a rather unknown author, it is certainly appropriate to introduce it in the introduction, or. acquaint readers with his previous work, with the circumstances of the creation of the reviewed work, etc. In the following paragraphs, outline the basic composition and main storyline of the work (if it is fiction). A comparison of the positives and negatives should follow. In your assessment, focus on the overall tone of the work (if the author is original or just imitating), on the attractiveness and appropriateness of the topic (if the author has anything to write about or just cooks from the water), you can also mention language means, typology of characters, logical continuity of ideas, etc. As mentioned above, the last paragraph should include your assessment. Do not be afraid to express both praise and calmly and even derogatoryly – the main point is to substantiate your opinion by reasoned arguments.

How to Write a Review on a Movie?

All general rules above apply to the film review, but some differences are definitely to be noted. Therefore, the outline of the film review will remain virtually the same, but with the difference that you can focus on other factors – such as casting and acting at all, the soundtrack, dialogues,… If you write a review of a film that is an adaptation of a novel or novel , we can definitely recommend to compare the film with the book – for example, how far the director has skewed from his artwork, to what extent his personal ideas about the book, etc. have been reflected in the film.

How to write a review for a theater performance?

In the case of theatrical performances, there is only one specific feature for writing reviews – namely, that everything “runs” live, so we have to be very attentive during the performance. to take notes instantly so that nothing in the review is neglected. As with film, here’s where to focus on acting. So see if the actors do not play whether they use text mimic gestures and role, and also notice their articulation, gestures or adequate recitation. Given that many theaters do not feature games of their own, but usually adaptations of well-known playwrights, share in your review with the reader what kind of impression you have had, ie. Whether the director did not detract from the original play, whether he had distorted her message, etc.

How to Write a Review on a PC Game?

PC game reviews are relatively young, but today, if not privileged on the Internet, at least one of the top positions. For this reason, we will briefly tell you what rules apply to writing PC gaming reviews. First of all, define the genre of the PC game (RPG, arcade, sports simulator,…). In the main part of the text, you can also look at graphics, gameplay, ease of use, story, hardware hardware, multiplayer options, and many other things that will come to your minds while writing. For this type of review, it is perhaps even more important than reading elsewhere to be mindful of reading and engaging, as the target audience is largely teenagers, who will only endure with fun and attractive text.

How to write a review on a music album?

Assuming you are writing a music album review (it is likely to be popular music, not classical music), we recommend listening to the recording more than once (it is not worth paying for the initial enchantment or discouragement). As a rule, a music review does not deal with each song separately (such a review would seem lengthy and monotonous), so in your text, you’d better highlight a few hits that you consider most successful and briefly comment on them. Of course, the reviewer must of course comment on the album as a whole, so focus on the composition of the entire recording, sound, lyrics, imagination, absence or presence of strong melodies, vocal and frontman abilities, variety of songs, etc.

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