How to write an appeal?

Didn’t they take you to high school? Do you need an appeal for admission to college? Do you disagree with the judgment, execution or payment order issued? Our specialists will be happy to assist you and prepare the appeal for you. You don’t have to search any counseling centers from this area or pay exorbitant pricing to lawyers.

How to write an appeal to a high school or college

Even though you have been carefully preparing for the admission process, you are not admitted to your dream school. But nothing has yet to be lost. There is also the possibility of filing an appeal. The result may be unexpected, as schools may have vacancies for those applicants who have applied for multiple schools and decided to start a completely different school.

For appeal and success, you need to first determine how many points you divide from acceptance. In some cases, the applicant passed the admission procedure successfully, at the admission threshold, but for a large number of successful candidates was not accepted to study. In this case, it is also very advantageous to appeal. Then it is advisable to come up with arguments for appeal. It is best to have more compelling arguments in reserve. You also need to be familiar with the laws and regulations governing admission to secondary and higher education.

It is also necessary to attach to the appeal documents on the completion of various important exams and competitions; The better you have been in these tests, the greater your chances of success in your appeal.

Who will help me with writing a high school or college appeal?

With the appeal, the experts who practice this activity will help you best. You must prepare the groundwork and the specific arguments for appeal yourself. Our experts know exactly what to do to make the appeal as needed and to have the best chance of success. So do not hesitate to contact them.

Appeal against court decision

Do you disagree with judgment, order, order for payment or ordered execution? Appeal to court. However, remember the statutory time limit for appeals. In these cases, you need to act quickly. You can file an appeal yourself, you do not need to contact a lawyer. So we will be happy to help you write down the appeal. All you have to do is contact our experts and provide them with the exact criteria for filing an appeal and a copy of the court decision.

How to write an appeal against a judgment, an execution, an order for payment?

An appeal is an appeal against a court decision. Appeals to the court must be filed in time to meet the appeal deadline. That time-limit is set out in the lessons learned at the conclusion of the judgment or the order. It is 15 days from the date of delivery of the court decision to the party to the proceedings.

The appeal must make it clear who is bringing the appeal and against it. Appeals are always filed by the party to the proceedings. The appeal is lodged with the higher court by the court which issued the decision. The court of appeal will then either dismiss the appeal, uphold the decision of the court of first instance, amend the decision or revoke the decision and return the case back to the court of first instance.

Order for writing appeals

Are you interested in writing an appeal from our experts? Please refer to our general terms and conditions and pricelist and fill in the order form. Send it today. We will then contact you by e-mail, confirm your order and agree on the details and processing date. Contact us for advice. We are waiting for your questions and comments!

The price of the appeal includes

  • studying your individual situation
  • writing an appeal
  • possibility of consultation with the processor
  • further instructions on how to proceed with the appeal – eg how to deliver it, setting a deadline for delivery, etc.