This is How to Manage Time for Study

When it comes to studying, students usually feel they have so much to cover, yet the time is so limited. These tips on time management can be of help.

Managing Your Time Properly

The problem is that as you wonder how you will cover all that in such a little time, more time is wasted. You thus need to know how to manage time for study. The tips listed and explained below can be of great help.

  • Work in bits, not on the whole
  • Revise and re-learn
  • Consult where necessary
  • Employ a concentration habit

Working in Bits

You cannot do everything in one day. The content to be covered my look so much that you don’t know where to start. Wondering about that is a waste of precious time. The subject you are studying is divided into topics for a reason. You can not be taught everything at once. Instead, you have to be taught topic by topic. That is the same approach you should use to study. Revise topic by topic. Cover one topic in today’s study schedule, then cover the next one tomorrow. That is how it works. Try to cover everything before your exam, but if you are caught up, at least you will have covered substantial ground.

Revising and Re-Learning

Revision is taking a second look at what you have already learned. However, there are some things you may have missed, since you attended a lecture physically but were distracted, or you missed it altogether. That is not something to revise, it is something to re-learn. You can learn it by carrying out some research on the topic, or if possible, asking your tutor. Trying to force it into your head during study time will not work.

Consulting as Necessary

You will soon discover that you are not making much progress in managing your study time by bulldozing through topics you don’t understand. This can soon result in you not making any progress at all. It is not a crime to consult a colleague or your teacher to understand what you are doing better. It may look time-consuming, or even make you look like a dummy when you ask, but all that is better than trying to do it all on your own. You tend to lose interest very fast if you can’t make meaningful progress. Remember, when you lose interest, you also lose valuable time. You will come back to do the work at the last minute when you can’t avoid it. Precious time will have been lost, which you would have saved had you consulted. So, please consult.

Employing a Concentration Habit

You should do something that helps you to concentrate when you are studying. One good approach is to take notes when reading. That helps you focus on what you are doing. For some people, listening to soft music helps. For others, only total silence can do. You will try any of these things until you find what works for you.

In Brief

You can manage your study time well by taking your work one bit at a time. You can also take time to re-learn those things you can’t understand by simply revising. You should consult as much as necessary, rather than struggle with things that don’t make sense to you. You may also employ a concentration habit such as taking notes as you study.